Day 4 – 25/10/2018 Thursday

A hectic day ahead!

We checked out at 8.30 am, and got ready to move out of the hotel for more excitement for this last day.

Our first stop is an interesting street by the name of 吉庆节 where the students got to unleash the ‘models’ in them.


Students having fun posing with the statues.

We walked further to explore the characteristics of old buildings and the tour guides took the chance to share more about the historical facts a the buildings.


A stroll along the characteristic buildings and more group pictures!

Our next stop was a time for the kids to shop leisurely.

After lunch, we departed to the Wuhan Planning Exhibition Hall. There, we first watched the fascinating animated presentation of the Wuhan city. We then continued to tour around the hall to witness more of Wuhan’s rapid development.

With that, we ended the tour to the last destination of our expedition itinerary.

We also celebrated Jia Xin’s (JB) birthday today and Cadence’s (IP) birthday tomorrow. The celebration struck the student as a surprise and we departed the airport in a high note.


Day 3 – 24/10/2018 Wednesday

The first destination for today was the Dong Feng Honda Showroom, where we were introduced to the corporate background of the company


Students listening to the facilitators from Dong Feng explaining their company vision and mission.

After the introductory session, we met the Wedz Experimental Primary School (Shi Yan) students for the first time. The students came from a mixture of grade 5 and 6 and were assigned to their buddies from our school. Although they did not click immediately, the atmosphere warmed up soon and the students were seen communicating using a mix of English and Mandarin.


New bonds forming

Together, we toured around the showroom, learning about the series of technological advancements in their automobile industry and their efforts in the environmental sector.


We then departed to Wedz Experimental Primary School and was served lunch, courtesy from our host.

The highlight of the day was definitely the Service and Action programme, where the students from both schools collaborated to build their dream car using wooden blocks.


Students of different ages working together

The students then presented their masterpieces using the SWOT Analysis (S – Strength, W- Weakness, O- Opportunities, T- Threat). Our students guided their young friends to present in both Mandarin and English. It was great to see how our students shared their knowledge on SWOT with the primary students.


We ended the programme of the day with gift exchange between the students and a group photo!


Day 2 – 23/10/2018 Tuesday

Today we embarked on a compact learning journey with two museum visits!

The first museum we visited is the Hubei Province Museum where the students get to understand the past culture of Wuhan.

The first group photo of the day in front of Hubei Province Museum

Here, the students learnt about intellectual and artistic activities during the warring States Period. The tour guide spent a little bit of time explaining the objects found in Marquis Yi’s tomb and the students were greatly fascinated. The students also witnessed the 64 chime bell display and had a brief physics lesson on pitch of sound!

64 chime bell display



The tour guide is busy explaining the significance of different ornaments displayed at the museum.


After lunch, we moved on to the 1911 Revolution Museum where the students explored the chain of events leading to the 1911 Revolution in detail.

In front of the 1911 Revolution Museum
Wax figurines of the Qing officials, breathtakingly real!
The models explained how Wuhan used to be.
Students having fun with the interactive 3D map of Wuhan.
Ended the museum tour with iconic background of the 1911 Museum.

The students had an intense learning experience today and much to digest!